Sunday, April 26, 2009

So Close

I really had hoped to finish my sweater, even though I won't be able to wear it for four or five months, but I still have a couple of rounds of the bottom edging to knit, and the sleeves to sew in.

Soon though.

After all, I was focusing on classes for June through September.

The bracelet below was a sort of serendipitous accident as it wasn't part of my plan at all, but I think it likely to be an appealing class.
Years ago when I bought the White Russian beading book (so called because it has a white cover, not for any historical or political associations) I made a necklace based on an embellish-as-you-go tubular netting variation, and while I adore the finished piece, in no small part because of its tactile appeal (it's very sensuous, somehow), I hated making it and vowed that I'd never again repeat it. I'm not sure why I so emphatically declare this every time I wear it, as I rarely repeat anything (unless I'm making samples in different colours) - I guess it was that tedious.

And yet I've wanted to use the stitch in more interesting (to bead) ways, and the bracelet below has been in the works for ages.
I think it would have been better as a necklace (but I was rushed) and in this instance my monochromatic disposition really didn't serve me at all well. I think there should have been a lot more contrast in terms of colour; I could see a black core with a multicoloured fiesta forming the spiral, or even a wider range of purples in the spiral on a gold or olive or terracotta core.

Next time (and I think there will be a next time, because I do like this idea, and it wasn't so absolutely terrible this time) I'll consider colours considerably more carefully.

The pendants below (and oh yeah nice, my light source crept into the corner, that's gotta be redone) is just a reprise of my bead caps. I think I already showed them here a few days ago.

Creative cropping: I barely got halfway through this necklace.
I brought it to class last Tuesday; people seemed to like it. 

For instant gratification you can't beat beaded beads.
This is one basic design, pretty simple, easily scaled up and down, mixing bead sizes in the layers, but just so satisfying and fun.

The picture below isn't the best, because the pale colour isn't beige or plain cream, but a yummy gilt-lined pale butter yellow.
Although this is what I'll submit, I'm still toying with the notion of something in the middle of the open triangle, perhaps an open lattice of beads, or a single dangle; or perhaps three.

The pendant below got the rivoli in the triangle frame, once again the photo absolutely not capturing the colour of the seed beads.

I really enjoyed seeing this one take shape in my hands, in no small part because of the beads. The main colour is a matte silver-lined dark brownish with a rainbow finish, which lends the beads a sort of sometimes purple, sometimes blue aspect. The pale beads are bright lime green and the shiny ones really look gold-bronze in real life, but occasionally the underlying medium lavender shows through. No deep blue as in the photo.

All that's left is to figure out the dates I'll teach these, and send them off before getting ready for yay another work week.

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