Saturday, April 4, 2009

There Was Knitting

And beading.
But then, there often is.

Without the spectre of Bead Fest, I'm awash with beading sketches and notes - I love the frenzy of it all. Completely internal and outwardly invisible, I think; if you held a microscope to my Mental Beading Centre, you'd see this hyped-up Brownian motion thing, perhaps like the inside of an ant-hill.

I think I've got it on the knitting front.

The major problem last go-round was how I dealt with the quantity issue: not enough of the main colour yarn, so I needed coordinating colours, but how they were included just wasn't pleasing to me. Or useful enough in terms of stretching the yarn.

I think I have it right now.

What you see above is part of the body. I'm working in modular triangles in the round, though the first (in my mind) complete round was one of resulting hexagons. I used my coordinating [semi-because-they're-kettle-dyed] solid yarns to pick up stitches along the top edge and work a few rounds of garter ridges, and then started working in triangles around again.

My plan had been another round of hexagons, but what with having to break the yarn way too often (once tends to be too often; it distresses me to cut yarn) for hexagons and less often for a round of triangles which simply formed another zigzag band, zigzag it is.

Very Soon Now I'll start again with the other colours, probably working a wider striped zigzag band, probably mixing garter and stocking stitch before starting on the next round of triangle zigzags.

What this somewhat haphazard use of my main yarn with its helpers buys me is lack of expectations: except for the zigzag motif, I'm pretty free in terms of my use of colour in the sleeves. If I use up all my main yarn in the body, no problem as I've used all those other colours too, and the sleeves will be fine without the main yarn. If I have enough for a couple of rounds in the sleeves, that'll be very nice, and if I have enough for a cuff or small zigzag triangles, even better - but it'll be Just Fine if I don't, as long as I mirror the zigzags on the sleeves, which is not a problem.

[Disclaimer: As far as I can tell, at this time.]

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Laurie said...

I think your beading brain DOES mirror your knitting brain. The modular stuff proves the point. That does not happen in a linear brain.