Thursday, January 1, 2009

Another One

Another year, another class sample - the last actually, since today is the deadline.
Every New Year's Day, my little spinning group gets together for our (as Luise likes to call it) gourmet spinning, and today was no exception, though we did drink a little more than usual (not much, just a little more than usual). My contribution was this, which I think turned out pretty well. I'd like to try it without the greens over pasta as one reviewer recommended, perhaps with some crushed red pepper.

I spent the last evening of 2008 pretty quietly, though not so productively on the knitting front. My sleeve was about up to the elbow, at which point I realised that my increase rate was a little too slow, and as I'm not a huge fan of overly tight upper sleeves, I ripped out a few hours of knitting. Not a sacrifice and not a waste of time, since I did make progress in design, if not execution.

Sadly, tomorrow is a work day, and horrors! Next week we'll be expected to work five full days, the nerve.

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Lynn said...

I don't know about this working five days in a week bit. That hasn't happened in a while and I don't think I can cope with it. Your necklace is lovely, as always!