Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hanging in There

This has been a nasty chest flu: I still can't get enough air when I exert myself. I first postponed and then cancelled my dinner, and most of what I've been doing is feeling sorry for myself and knitting a bit on the Coriolis socks, which are looking suspiciously deformed. 
I do agree with NeedleDancer (oh I probably misspelled, but you must know who you are) in that I love the way Cat's mind works in terms of design (I didn't buy the book sight unseen after all), but I still contend that as a knitting book, and as a knitting book containing knitting patterns, it's poorly organised. It's clear that the publisher has had little experience with knitting books, as I find it hard to believe that a more traditional knitting publisher would have agreed to something this full of obfuscation. But yes: absolutely brilliant ideas, lovely designs, good pictures, though sucky text.

I do have a picture of a piece for sale that I recently made (alert: Rachel H! eye candy for you!) that I don't think I posted, so in the absence of anything substantive:

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Anonymous said...

Damn that's stunning! You said 'for sale'? As in, 'for sale and available for my greedy little covetous heart to purchase', or 'I made it to sell and it's already gone'?

You do Eye Candy so damn well. Really.