Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blue Mooooooon

I thought I'd be smart, so I found Season One of Prime Suspect but it still took about three and a half episodes to finish plying this big mamoo. I got a bit sloppy the last few yards as you can see. And I still treadled slowly, except when I remembered to speed up.
The yarn isn't done yet, but it looks pretty good unwashed all the same:
Aren't the colours fabulous? I don't have a washed and finished picture, because of my hands (they ought to be closer in colour to my leg):

which are a bit blue, so I'm thinking this yarn will do well in a nice warm acidic overnight bath.

I still have episodes 6 through 9 of Grey's Anatomy to watch (knitting being a more suitable accompaniment), and I did the pathetic loser thing: I requested seasons two and three through inter-library loan, but seriously, I can't be as pathetic as all that, as I'm number 22 on the list.

And what's more, I have most of an awesome top-down knitted-in sleeve cap in progress, which I'll photograph another day.


kim said...

Oooo, pretty.

I am impressed. You even shaved your legs. (g,d&r)

Charlene said...

Yah, as if. I keep telling you, I'm a lousy photographer so you can't see the hairs. Plus there's an up-side to the continually changing hormone levels in the human female life cycle. My knees (conveniently NOT in the picture) are the hairiest parts of my legs.