Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I Know You Are, But What Am I?

You may not believe it, but Things are taking shape:

I have almost all the pieces done, and would have completed more if I hadn't behaved like a knitter while making the focal piece, causing undoing and redoing.  See, the thing is with knitting, you can fudge.  The smaller the stitches, the more fudge.  You can always ease a sleeve into an armhole and graft seventeen stitches to eighteen or even nineteen stitches, but when you are making a beaded open teardrop, which you start at the inside circumference, work one side until you hit the outside circumference, then work the other side, inside circumference to outside circumference again, and then zip the open edges together around the outside, which is very much like grafting, it Just Doesn't Work if there are two more stitches on one edge than on the other.

And while I know I've extolled the pleasures of cutting up wide pieces of peyote (unless you've - oh horrors! - pierced the thread): you just cut the beadwork in the middle, and the beads just slide off nicely, not like square stitch or right angle weave where you find yourself trying to extract two-millimetre lengths of thread from the inside of beads, it's decidedly less pleasant undoing a few rounds, say four or five.  Still, I suppose it's not as onerous as (once again) attempting to undo square stitch or right angle weave, though I think netting would be more satisfying, as each stitch relinquishes at least three beads, often five, and possibly more (though I don't usually do that kind of netting, but I have considered it).

So now all I need are a few more of the little multicoloured tubes, a little square donut, a little round (or perhaps hexagonal) donut and a toggle bar, and all that'll be left is the Putting Together.  Hmmm, and earrings, Amy likes earrings to match.


Anonymous said...

Very cool! Still fun?

BTW -- did Luise remember to invite you to her "reception" for Anne tomorrow night?


Charlene said...

Yes! Definitely still fun!