Saturday, November 25, 2017


If you move among people who make things out of yarn or beads or some other non-perishables, the kind of people who buy supplies so that they're on hand when inspiration strikes you'll hear talk of items in the stash raging until they're ready to be used.

Like a young wine, or so I hear.

Design ideas are like that too although in my case no matter how long they've aged, when they're finally constructed I often realise that what I had envisioned was only the first iteration. Sometimes the imagination glosses over reality, doesn't always see a better way, a more interesting join, a more attractive use of beads and so on.

Still, I'm not entirely unhappy with my first pass of links chained one to the next.
 Until I started gathering the beads, I hadn't thought about making it reversible.
Once I'd stitched a couple of links, the toggle seemed way too dull.

Once I started planning a more interesting closure, I thought of another way to connect them.

I'm glad I persevered and didn't just switch to the next idea without completing this one as I could have ended up with a few odd links that neither matched nor formed a complete anything.

Cubic right angle weave is naturally a bit stretchy if you don't stiffen it, so it's possible to make a snug bracelet that's not impossible to fasten. The chain has a moderate amount of overall flexibility so it would work well for a shortish necklace, but a long necklace wouldn't naturally hang neatly - more design possibilities!

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