Saturday, November 19, 2016

Not Rocket Science

I used to know someone who actually was a rocket scientist and so I was delighted when she was struggling in a dye class to be able to declare that dyeing was in no way, shape or form rocket science. She very graciously didn't groan, grimace or even roll her eyes at me.

This bangle too is not rocket science.
I had a vision for this bracelet (but honestly my ideas as often as not don't quite pan out exactly) and except for having to use a different size bead in one instance, it worked out pretty much as planned. I enjoy projects that allow you to use up the far too many of that really awful colour fire-polished bead you thought you'd cleverly buy in bulk (check), or use beads of different shapes (check), different colours (check), or different finishes (check).

It's a bangle which means I designed it to be stiff, and because I stitch tightly it wasn't that difficult to stiffen, but it would work equally well (for the more relaxed stitcher) as a close-fitting bracelet with a clasp.

I also think (and time may prove me wrong) that it will also work well much, much smaller (and with different seed beads to adjust the curvature) as a necklace enhancer on a beaded rope or string of fat beads, or as hoop earrings.

Stay tuned!

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