Saturday, October 25, 2014

More Mathiness

OK so the focus on the picture is off, not sure why my camera thought the back of the curve was more important so there you have it: machines are not stupid but sometimes the people who write the software slip up.

Oh, the humanity.

Anyway, it's a pendant which is a möebius strip formed into a figure eight, and then folded one half over the other, and connected with elongated bicone beads, although that's not how I made it. Because of its half-twisty nature, all the bicone beads are attached to the same edge of the strip of seed beading; it's the nature of the möebius.
I have ideas for More Fun With a Möebius Strip which I may or may not get to because time.

Below is what was to be the second part of a three-part design.
It turned out a bit small (somewhat smaller than the penny; don't you just love perspective?), so it might just be the first part of a two-parter.
In case you can't tell (yeah, less than ideal pictures, I know) it's a sphere with an equator and lines of longitude at the Prime Meridian, the International Date Line, and midway between on both sides. My plan was for it to contain a beaded bead, but it's outside dimensions are barely larger than the beaded bead in question (let alone its capacity), and so let's just say it's a proof of concept, the concept being a rigid self-supporting hollow object such as you see. I'm satisfied that it will scale up too.

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