Thursday, September 18, 2014

I Was On Vacation

At a cabin on a very pretty lake.
 With a bunch of rather fabulous people who like to make things.
 Gorgeous things. (And eat candy, apparently).
 There was a dye day - you can't not have one, right?
 With wild successes.
Shibori, bamboo warps, sweaters that had been washed with red jeans and needed rescuing, yak-and-silk roving that became even more gorgeous with colour, (delicious roving that I felted too much; less successful though the colours were wonderful), yarn, border leicester locks - if it was dyeable, it got dyed.

Food too, obviously. Lots of food. And adult beverages.
 The lake was pretty even when it was overcast and grey.
 I spun a bunch (but no pictures) and knitted a little (but no pictures) and made a kumihimo necklace (but no pictures because the clasp isn't done; the kumihimo queue grows again).
 I finished one clasp in the queue.
 Made earrings.
And a bracelet.

Like all vacations, it wasn't long enough and I miss everyone. I'll see them again: old friends, new friends who used to be acquaintances, new friends I met a week ago.


Barbara said...

so much fun to hang out with you again. See you again next year?

Charlene said...


Sara said...

fabulous photos :). Thanks.