Sunday, May 4, 2014

And Socks!!

I'm on the next round of samples, this for Dangerous Buds. I have spikes in four colours but sign-ups are rather modest, so I might not make All Possible Samples. I'll see how I feel.
 Because I finished the last of the Triangle Slide samples (second from the front).
 But the most exciting thing for me?

I finished a pair of socks, the first knitted something I've completed (or worked on for that matter) since last summer.
A month or so ago I decided to try no more than an hour a day, and that seemed to go well though it's hardly enough to make much progress on anything at all. Friday I knitted for two hours, and that seemed fine, so last night I gave in and knitted until these were done which took somewhere between three and four hours and that was less fine. (I had pain, dammit).

Still though: progress!

And now to finish off the other thing I was working on when I realized that yes indeed it hurt too much to knit (early September last year) and put it away for beaded kumihimo. That's not exactly true since it's not as though I preferred the kumihimo; it's simply been a stand-in for knitting since it's portable and I don't have to look at it constantly, so it works for watching movies or TV.

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