Monday, April 30, 2012

Some Accomplishments

When the cat decided that this was very tasty and chewed off one of the little clusters, I lost interest in finishing this for a few weeks.
Mending just isn't my thing.

I'm glad I got over it.

I photographed it to show the stringing hole, which is just big enough for the chain I used, but barely.

 The advantage to having a stash, and to buying beading components when you like them, as opposed to when you have an actual use for them (not that I think you should avoid acquisition when there's a need. That's just counterproductive) is that sometimes they just hit the spot. Like the copper electroformed leaf.

Even though it's on the large side, it's quite delicate as it's just the veins of the leaf, so it's very um meshy.

Then I made a sample for Thursday's class to check my instructions and timing.
 I made it reversible.
It took me about fifty minutes, which is about right for a two-hour class. Some people might complete it in the allotted time even.


amyfibre said...

I take it that the scoundrel was Anubis? :-)

Hope I'm one of the "some people".

Charlene said...

Yup, right on both counts, though I don't have actual proof of the former. It's not as though I saw thread dangling between teeth, or could examine, uh, waste for fri he beads, but I have my suspicions.