Friday, September 10, 2010

Small Things

It's not been a hugely busy week in terms of the things I like to do that have tangible results, but I do have a little to show for my time.

October earrings, which you can barely make out (on purpose; surprise is part of the fun, yes?)
I'm still waiting for September supplies which they tell me shipped today. By the time they arrive, I could have the instructions complete.

I spent quite a bit of time re-cutting-up a bead cap (implying of course lots of making it in the first place), which I think works now.
It's a bit of an odd size, deepish and covering most of a round bead, so ovals fit, but they have to be fat enough, and that's a lot of bead.

This agate is about two and a half inches long.

There was also knitting, but no pictures.

And spinning because I need the yarn Right Away, because there's this sweater I just have to start now, because I'll need it very soon, as the yarns are merino and rayon blends, making a good fall sweater: not too warm. Also the still slightly new job over-heats in winter, so I'm finding that less insulating sweaters are better (I run cold enough that I need more than just one layer).

Also I'm excited about the design. I have sketches with measurements and everything.

So I must start the sweater immediately. Perhaps tomorrow when the yarn dries, which I'm thinking is in general going to be slightly problematic (laying yarn on the air vents in winter to dry) what with there being a kitten who is driven into frenzies of predatory excitement by yarn; almost as much as by live crickets but more than by dead ones which nonetheless need to be held down while napping, just in case reanimation should occur.

You never know with crickets, especially dead ones with only a couple of appendages.

Kittens take little for granted.

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