Saturday, November 29, 2008

And Then There Was More

Food, that is. Isn't that what Thanksgiving is for? Excess? As practise for the so-called "Holiday Season" which really means Christmas, but don't get me started on that rant just yet. Let me work up to it.

So first there was food, and it was good, and then there were left-overs, which were also good, and then another day passed and there were wishes for something else, anything else, like Indian food or a good stir-fry, and then we knew that it was over.

Luckily Julia came to visit a couple of days, and we knitted to the conversation. She finished a baby sweater and wove in the ends of her fair isle hat while I made hexagons until I was replete with hexagons.

This was good news, because it meant that I could start filling in the spaces between the hexagons so as to form a waistband.

This process is mercifully quicker than hexagons; I did two while thinking about getting up to work out, it was that quick.

My plan is to use double-knitting with a sewn bind-off to form a pair of casings for elastic which will ensure that my skirt does not fall down, which would be inconvenient, and possibly (probably) embarrassing. I don't think it needs a whole lot of taking-in at the waist (well, below the waist actually) so there will be none of that ghastly extra bulk born of gathering. With a bit of luck.

Then while I knit the other eight hemi-hexes which are more like hemi-demi-hexes since they're smaller than a whole half of a hexagon, I can plan my next project, an a-lined jacket/coat/cardigan in panels with cables loosely based on one Luisa Harding and about three Jean Moss patterns, but ultimately not all that much like any of them, except in their a-line-ness.

At least, that's the plan.

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