Friday, August 22, 2008

This Is Not Kansas

At least not as far as I can tell, not being overly familiar with Kansas.

I did some knitting on the flight to Philadelphia

but mostly I slept in the air and knitted in the airport waiting for the shuttle to take me to the hotel. The sleeping part was a great idea, since my room is too near the elevators and apparently there are guests with children small enough to run around shrieking at 6 ayem. And my neighbour in what would be the adjoining room should we each unlock our doors was really noisy around 2:30 ayem, noisy enough to wake me, though in all fairness, he did quiet down when asked to do so.

There had better be convenient coffee, better than the DIY stuff in the room.

My little jaunt did start of fabulously though, as Juno drove up from Olympus and we talked and ate and talked and had drinks and talked and had a delightful evening. Well, when you're dealing with the gods, what else could it have been?


fibergal said...

Enjoy Beadfest a little for me, would you? I hope you are having as much fun as I imagine.

Charlene said...

So far so good! But I'm enjoying it more than a little...