Monday, June 16, 2008

Just Fickle, I Guess

Even though I'm famous (in my own mind) for being The Queen of Sludge, it doesn't mean that I'm completely monogamous when it comes to colour. Witness this:

I love modular knitting because (as long as you know what size needles to use) you just start knitting WITHOUT SWATCHING, and then when you have enough, you measure, figure out gauge and work on refining your vague idea into an actual design. Super fun, really!

So this is part of the front (or possibly the back) of a vee-neck summer top which will probably end up being sleeveless, since I don't have a whole lot of the variegated yarn, and even though I'm using a solid turquoise to extend it, the turquoise is ever so slightly finer which doesn't matter when you interleave rows, but will definitely cause a raised eyebrow (metaphorically speaking, most likely; in reality I'd be more likely to say words which parents don't want their children to learn, and then start ripping it out) when used in great swathes at not quite the same gauge as the rest of the sweater. So I'm thinking: not enough for sleeves, even short ones.

The straight line slanting north-west to south-east on the picture above is the bottom edge, which may well get extended if the whole turns out to be too short, which could happen, since I guessed at length and fit. The only slightly slanted line across the top of the picture will in Real Life run from chest centre diagonally down to the side seam, and the almost perfectly vertical edge is its mirror-image, or will be when it's complete. I plan to pick up stitches along these edges, working the two sides of the top of the sweater at an angle. The armholes will be a breeze to shape - the trick will be starting them at the appropriate point.

I haven't done a whole lot of beading lately, just little odds and ends.

Like earrings.

I had two of the lampworked beads left over from this necklace which Amy snagged, and so I made earrings to match. Nice and swingy.

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