Thursday, June 5, 2014

Well Met

Last night was Meet the Teachers at Bead and Button, which determines if our visit was profitable or not. Each teacher is entitled to a table from which to sell kits. And I guess other stuff too - the lampwork teachers surely sell their beads for example, but seed beaders like me sell kits.
 Before they open the doors, it's a rather quiet scene, although I confess I was a little over-energized and was strongly advised to get a stiff drink. I might have had I had access, but I just walked it off - there's an over-abundance of the craziest talent, so it's tons of fun to see what other people do.
 This was my table. I wish I'd noticed that the cloth was skew before I started putting things on it. Oh well. The displays were as straight as they could be.
You can see the beginning of the swarm just after they'd opened the doors, while they're still a few tables away (my table is all the way at the left edge so it takes a few moments).

And then I don't remember much.

I do remember one of the students from Sunday night's class coming by to show me that she'd finished the project though - that's always a bit of a thrill somehow.

I do remember seeing students from last year's classes who came to say hi and left with a kit or two.

I do remember pairs and groups of friends and sisters who helped each other choose colours and projects.

I do remember people who bought and paid with a credit card, then spied something else and paid with cash, and then spied something else and charged it again.

I remember someone who showed me her Trivoli made with her own beads which were the wrong size, and which turned out gorgeously anyway.

I think I did ok. I have empty boxes and I sold out of a few things, so that's good.

So today I shop.

Still two more classes: one on Friday evening and another Sunday morning.

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amyfibre said...

Woohoo! If it was busy enough that you have only fragmented memories, I'd consider that a successful evening.

And speaking as one who has been on the horde side (SOAR?), I suspect that no one even noticed the table cloth was askew.

Hope you're having a wonderful inspiring time!