Monday, June 30, 2014

I Can Count to Eight, uh, Seven

It wasn't that long ago (yesterday) that I was going on and on (again) about deadlines and coming up with classes and how I always think I have nothing and then at the last minute I have Something and it's always Happily Ever After yadda yadda.
I needed to make another one of these (I cut up its previous incarnation with hideous lavender beads and stuck with just two basic colours which makes me so much happier) to make sure I knew how to, and also to have one sample for the case at the bead store and one at home from which to write instructions. I then organized the pictures that will go on the bead store web site, checked my materials lists for the classes and then - whoops!

Too many projects.

Yes, I said it.

Too many.

Over the holidays I just can't teach every other Tuesday every month because if Thanksgiving doesn't get me then Christmas surely will and unless I squeeze in extra (Not-Tuesday) sessions (which can happen if it's a project which needs more than two hours), I don't actually need material for eight classes for the October through January semester.

I'm thinking I won't teach this one until February.

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