Sunday, June 29, 2014

Something about a Deadline

So there I was, Sunday around noon, two days from the deadline for class proposals for October through January, filling in the templates and the last class in January says "XXX" because I have absolutely no idea what I could teach.

There's a beaded bead with rondelles and twin beads that turns out sort of cubic, which is nice, but it doesn't work properly; parts of it are awkward and clunky and it's still only partially baked.

There's another asymmetric beaded bead with different sizes of fire-polished beads; the fat half works really well but the rest of it is nasty and everything I try either makes blobby bits or else causes it to collapse on itself.

I look through my rivoli drawer because they're pretty and they sparkle and looking at pretty things cheers me up. Then I open my drawer of crystals things which are not round rivolis and I see the heart pendants I bought a year or more ago thinking I'd do something around a rivoli with them, and so I start stitching.

Usually when I just grab colours without thinking too hard about it, I get gorgeousness, but this time, not so much.
 The colours are even more vile together in real life, but the construction shows promise, except that I've used up all the hearts but one, the bead store closes in a couple of hours, and I have neither worked out nor showered yet.

These problems I can solve.
I fixed the funky thread path, supported the magatama clusters so they don't collapse and sway, added more magatamas (because yeah, they're deliciously juicy) and handled the bail/jump ring thing better so (are they still saying this?) BOOYA!

My dance card is filled and once again, the looming scary deadline is decimated with days I tell you, DAYS to spare.

Hellyeah I'm pleased with myself.

And the best part? (Totally unrelated, except in that it's part of my day) The paraffin should be all melted now and I can go all spa day on my hands.

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