Sunday, June 29, 2014

Moving Right Along

It's always fun when I'm working on a new design and then whoops! Someone has a birthday and it turns out to be just the right present.
 The morning before the birthday lunch, I decided to make a better one of these:
 It's sort of uncomfortable in the wedge-shaped spaces between the large pinky-coppery beads and I wanted something better, except this happened:
 It's a beaded bead instead of a pendant and it was more interesting than the pendant and closer to being better but I still didn't like what was in the gap so I made two more.
 I still didn't like the gap, so I carried them around with me all day and managed to lose one of them (I'm pretty sure it's under the table of the birthday lunch restaurant) and when I got home after dinner the cats were all hissy (my daughter's cat while gorgeous is a trouble-maker) so I managed nothing except wiggly thread.
 This morning was The Time Of The Answer (after a few attempts which were so very clearly not The Answer that they didn't even make it as  far as a picture).
 These beads are sturdy and well-behaved and I've covered the unsightly and troublesome gap with some juicy drops of yumminess that also stabilize the structure.
And then I made a little friend to celebrate.

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