Saturday, June 14, 2014

Settling Back In

Honestly, Bead & Button was hardly exhausting or taxing so I'm not sure why I've been such a sloth for most of the last week. Perhaps the day job was a rude shock that knocked me for a loop. Whatever the cause, most of what I did was pretty unproductive (Netflix and I worked on our relationship); when I actually sat down to bead most of what I generated was wiggly thread.
 I did make a sample for Tuesday's class to be sure the instructions were complete.
Today I felt back to normal: after a few false starts (and that doesn't count the times when I should have been doing B&B prep when instead I played hooky and tried to work on new things. I didn't have much luck as the clear relaxed focus just wasn't there) I have something I like. The little components are two-sided, and even the side view looks good.

You could scatter them in a necklace as I've done, suspend them as little pendants from a delicate chain, join three or four in a row as a dramatic long pendant.

But tomorrow I spin!

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