Saturday, June 7, 2014

I Fell Down Again

It's not my fault. (See the title of yesterday's post).
 Stuart Abelman is so freeakin' cool that he makes his own glass (he gets special sand to which he adds minerals - mentioned manganese - to get the colours he wants) so how could I possibly not buy a bead, especially when they're so crazy gorgeous? And he has the same name as my baby...
 Then apparently I needed more crystals. Show me the colour I was desperately trying to refill two weeks before the show, then show me more colours I've never seen before, and then offer me half-price if I buy a whole tray. Of course I'm falling for that one. (And I'm not sorry either).
And then head pins because why not? I make beaded beads which often need head pins. Plus half-price plus delicious equals mine.

Today is my free day, then I teach one class tomorrow and drive like the wind to get home.


Marcia DeCoster said...

I bought a vase from Stuart this year, and I own one of his garden lights!

Charlene said...

I'd already bought my big splurge by the time I hit his booth - next year!