Saturday, June 21, 2014


So it's Saturday morning and me and my coffee are surfing, seeing what people are up to and I see a pair of earrings in which triangle beads are arranged to look like petals of a flower and I think it's interesting and wonder if it could be made two-sided into a beaded bead so I start playing.

The one I make has an awkward base and I don't like the size elevens so I decide to make a different base and oh look! Those bead studs or two-hole pyramids or whatever they're calling them would fit in the spaces between pairs of triangles but I don't offset them correctly and the whole thing is just too tall and really, the beads I've chosen just don't fit together nicely, so I decide to start with the bits I'm sure about and work my way to the parts that aren't fitting and I end up with something that I'm not ashamed to let out in public.
 I'm not saying it's done, but it's definitely evolving and I think when it gets where it's going it might be a decent dance partner.

I still need to investigate making little beaded beads with the triangles.
And then I stitched for what felt like an entire season of Nurse Jackie and finally finished the necklace. I'm slightly regretting some of my colour choices, but overall I kinda love it.

It's fun using what's usually a pretty drapey stitch to make something sculptural.

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