Wednesday, June 18, 2014


 I bet your bead store does this too: has events with food and presents, right?

My local bead store used to give odd little gifts: an earring kit, cute little storage boxes, crystal heart pendants, that sort of thing, but lately it's a $5 gift card at which I am not sneezing. The earlier gifts left me with odd beads for which I struggle to find a use (and the cynic in me says that's why they were gifts), but presto changeo! I used up all the beads in one gift and now I have a cute little storage box into which to put Things.
Apart from the fact that the crystals and rondelles are blue and not really a blue I'd generally go out of my way to acquire, I'm not dissatisfied with this little doodad. It's not quite as plain as I'd planned but I think the touch of quirk is better.

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