Monday, May 30, 2011

I Lost My Stripes

No, that's not slang for something esoteric and/or technical and/or geeky (much).

I mean it quite literally: the lovely stripes that my yarn was giving me have morphed into not-stripes as I shape the garment.
I still like it, but I really liked the stripes.

I made another one.
Look very carefully at the ivory-coloured beads: they have the prettiest carvings.

These are a fair amount longer than the beads I've been using, and while they work, their length and perhaps the end taper (the ends are fatter than my usual beads) result in a slightly less stable structure which is not as stiff as I'd like it to be.

Still pretty, not a failure, but not ideal.
I'm generating quite the collection!

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