Monday, May 9, 2011

Another Variation

I haven't made enough of these to call it an obsession, but I am playing with slight variations and perhaps improvements.

When I think about teaching a project, I have to consider the availability of the beads required. Even if I did buy them at the bead store, if I used the only bead of that shape in the entire store, it could be problematic (depending on the colour and finish) if a student likes only primaries or pastels or brights or sludge or black.

There weren't too many of the long oval beads I used in the first one of these I made, so I wondered if you could stack round and rondelle beads to approximate a long oval.
The short answer is that you can, but you lose the prettiness of the oval showing through the window, and the bead hole dynamics are different, so the bell-shape is less pronounced. It's OK, but I wouldn't repeat it.

I also don't like the way the fringe beads around the top obscure the pretty rounded cap. I guess the pale turquoise beads didn't exactly help either.
I did work on giving it a nice, tight, frilly bum though.

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