Sunday, May 1, 2011

More in the Same Vein

I liked the pendant so much I made earrings too.
I would have started on a cuff or a necklace, but I had to finish off the instructions for Tuesday's class, for which a sample (almost inevitably) resulted.
Only if you squint and are in the know can you tell that it doesn't actually have a working clasp, just two jump-rings, in readiness.

Naturally I got side-tracked before I could start on a commission that's been languishing since before taxes.

I had this brilliant idea which required a cumbersomely long and wide peyote strip which I was sure would somehow fall into place with my Very Brilliant Idea, but unfortunately only after stitching said tediously long strip and embellishing half of it (very nicely, I might add: I really liked the way that part of it turned out) did I admit to myself that my idea just wasn't going to work out the way I'd wanted it to.
So instead I started on what looks to be a more promising version of it.

Meanwhile I'm holding out for the healing power of sleep, as I have a back which is emphatically Not Thrilled about the yardwork that had to be done today which started off as cleaning the gutters but very soon devolved into trimming a hedge-like series of bushes in advance of the next ice storm or very heavy snowfall which I realize is hardly imminent, but is nonetheless still inevitable, at which point if those (now) ex-branches were weighted down with precipitation, they would most assuredly not be up to the task, falling onto the power lines - and I have been without power when temperatures are well below freezing, and it's not, shall we say, ideal, though the pyjama party at Amy and MJ's was fun.

Still, I'd rather avoid that nonsense, protests from my back notwithstanding.

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