Saturday, May 7, 2011


In all honesty, there wasn't a whole lot of beading this week. There was a small amount of only marginally productive knitting (no pictures of course), some planning for a brunch this morning at which I may have converted a friend to cheese grits (yeah, I'm a Southerner ... from waaaaay down south: below the equator south), some craigslist action (in which I gave away some stuff) and some playing with my new toy.
I love toys.

My intentions were neither good nor bad when conceiving of what became the pendant below, which I think means that I may not be on a path to a mythical bad place paved with good intentions, but either way, this ended up diverging quite a bit from my original plan.

It's still hollow and has one pointed end at least (plan called for two), but then it started irking me such that I wanted to be working on something else, anything else, so I finished it as quickly as I could. I suppose I could have tossed it into The Bits And Pieces Drawer, but it's getting discouragingly full, so I opted instead for a Finished Something. Pendant.

My oldest leaves for a two week study-abroad in Italy. I'm pretty excited for her, and really pleased that this was something she pursued.

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