Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sound of Thunder

Did you know that the sound of a bridge being demolished carries more than a mile when it occurs so early in the morning that there are no traafic sounds (which is interesting because they might as well do it at rush hour since the highway is closed anyway) and is in fact loud enough to wake you out of a very deep sleep, so that as you pass from unconscious to dreaming to "What the hell" your mind ar first sluggishly interprets the sound as animal footsteps and you wonder how a possum could have entered your ductwork because man this is too noisy for a mouse, and when it doesn't go away it occurs to you that it might actually be outside, so you throw on a robe and investigate the basement which is pretty damn quiet, and then as you stand outside your front door hearing the sounds of rockets, mortar shells and gunfire, you realize they must be blowing up the Delmar bridge which is illuminating but doesn't lead to anything resembling silence and most certainly doesn't create an environment conducive to sleep.

Not even slightly.

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