Saturday, May 21, 2011


They finally stopped exploding the bridge just about the time that my alarm goes off on a weekday, and for those not paying attention:

Weekend = License to Sleep (*)

(*) According to the Whim of the Cat

I have a carry-around beading project which is starting to annoy me.

I made a lovely herringbone watch-strap which had a major flaw leading to its loss in that the part of the strap that goes into the buckle, has a hole for the pointy buckle prong thing, goes out the other side of the buckle and then tapers to a point, was too short, so the buckle kept coming undone.

The buckle would come undone, the watch would fall off, I'd retrieve it and rebuckle it, until the last time, when I didn't notice it falling off and so it became history.

Luckily I had another watch face and buckle in reserve, so the new watch-strap became my carry-around project. I don't BiP (bead in public) all that much, so the progress has been lacklustre. Today I finished half of the strap and made the EXACT SAME ERROR.
It doesn't even stick out, unless you call that hint of bead at the bottom "sticking out". I don't.

And the buckle is slightly narrow, causing the strap to distort as it passes through. This is less than optimal, and I haven't been thrilled with the entire project (witness how long it's taken to do a couple of inches/half a strap: months).

So I came home and made a pendant.
I completely love the 15ºs I used in it: pale matte aqua lined with gold (not real gold, just gold colour), so they're slightly green and they glow.

I've also been assembling and stitching kits to send to the Bead & Button show.
I love the way that iPhoto just has to make sense of pictures of beading. It might be a little psycho (aren't schizophrenics supposed to be obsessed with eyes? There surely must be a disorder obsessed with faces), as it's convinced that this is a face:
I don't see it, but I'm not a shrink.

Perhaps beadwork is the new Rorschach?

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