Sunday, May 29, 2011

Apparently Not Even Slightly Done

Satisfying as it is to make merely a pendant, there's something about hanging them on purchased necklaces that feels impermanent, incomplete, a cop-out.
So I made one necklace.

The beads I've been using to make these pendants are all about 15x5mm, slender ovals, some smooth, some faceted like these.
The beads used in the red pendant aren't quite the same, yet were more or less successful. They're slightly shorter and fatter and less tapered, as you can see below.
I also found green ones and purple ones about the same size and shape, dark amber faceted beads close to the same size but with a better taper, and really pretty carved bone beads which are quite a bit longer.

Guess I'm not done with these pendants after all.

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