Monday, June 6, 2011


Today I'm not talking about knitting except to say that it turns out that I've been spending time on a very large gauge swatch.

Even though the next class I'm teaching isn't breathing down my neck, the instructions needed finishing and I was in the mood so I made a class sample that not only didn't even come close to being a class sample, but it didn't even make it into my Etsy shop after class - one of my spinning friends had the perfect earrings and bracelet that coordinated so well.
How could I refuse her?

When a project that I'm going to teach gets a lot of attention before it's even on the roster, I often intend to have kits available in my Etsy shop The Very Next Day After class, but what with my magpie sensibilities and my uncanny ability to be distracted by almost any other project than the one I said I'd be spending time on, that doesn't usually happen.

Except this time I think I just might get it right.
I started on one set of colours, but they just seemed a bit dull.
Interestingly, the photo of the colour-way that looked blech in person is prettier than the photo of the colour-ay that actually looks much better in person. Once again: Not So Good At Photographs.

I think this might work, and it might even be in my shop on June 15th.

It's looking possible.

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