Thursday, June 16, 2011

Feels Like Indulgence

Last weekend I knocked off a few simple pendants to take a break from a bigger project which to be sure I'd happily agreed to do (and now I'm even happier that it's over with), but as with anything chosen not purely out of desire in the instant, had a faint tang of lack of desire.

I suppose I can keep the pendants, but they were akin to taking a drive to fill up with gas while immersed in spring-cleaning, a nice contrast to be sure, but not necessarily something that satisfies a burning itch.

Once I had the necklace done, I scratched my itch.
I had to finish instructions, which in this case meant taking pictures of a few steps still missing, rather than writing the text to accompany the pictures as is often the case, and I was so taken with the beads I'd picked for the photos that I decided to make it all for me.
And then I made earrings to match.

It's one of those things I don't feel strongly about one way or the other: matching earrings.

Given that I always wear earrings when I'm wearing a necklace, it's useful to have earrings that go, but not necessary to have them exactly the same. On the other hand, if the necklace is composed of earring-sized components, then it seems silly to not make matching earrings simply on a twee principle (because the argument that it's too, too cute to have matching earrings is in itself a little preposterous and self-important and therefore - to my mind - shading towards the twee).

So I have matching earrings.

And I plan on wearing them all tomorrow.

Interestingly, my Had Been A Large Swatch current knitting project would be a suitable backdrop, were it complete. Alas, alack, not by tomorrow.

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Kristen said...

Yes the earrings are awesome too and really show off the necklace which by the way is the BOMB!