Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In My Groove

The last few weeks or months or so, I haven't felt terribly excited about beading.

I've been filling kits, writing instructions, making matching earrings, and although there have been a few things that have grabbed me, obsession-wise, I haven't been delighted with myself.

Perhaps from where you are, that's preferable, but I love it when I come up with something that I am not only compelled to work on (and "work" is such an inadequate and misleading work, implying a measure of externally-imposed obligation, rather than an organic fruiting eagerness), but enjoy the process: the way it looks at each step, as well as simple pleasure in the doing.

Sometimes I just want to be finished, but it's much better when I know I will be, but don't mind that I'm not yet.

This is preferable.

I fiddled over the weekend, and my first take was this:
It has potential.

Because it requires faceted beads of two different shapes, two sizes of seed beads as well as fringe beads, it lends itself to lovely nuances of colour and texture. For example the matte metallic smaller seed beads give the narrow parts of the rope a somewhat sharp-edged geometric feel, while the colour-lined transparent drops add a subtle dewiness.

I was liking it, but not loving it as in the first weeks of a new relationship, so I decided to take a break and start again with yummier beads, resulting in these earrings.
I also made a few inches of a necklace to match.

Kinda loving these, especially the extra drops around the equator, so I went back to the green one and added drops, and found bigger rondelles for the focal (it's fairly subtle), and now I'm all happy and in love.

And since I finished knitting my stripey thing last night (although I will redo the sleeves which are a bit cracked out) and now must start being anxious about what to knit next, it's even more yay-worthy that I'm enjoying this so much and am very reluctant to go to bed instead of playing some more.

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Kristen said...

It seems we all have ups and downs but I feel the same way. If I am not loving what I am making it doesn't seem fun. These are awesome as usual!