Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Best-Laid Plans

So it turns out that if you start getting ready for a class and kits and whatnot way in advance, you have to continue at it until you are in fact finished, because simply starting something early doesn't actually guarantee that you will be ready in time if you do no more than start.

There was a bit of a last-minute scramble for this evening's class, not helped in the slightest by a rather nasty cold that has me sleep deprived, runny and achey.

No kits today.
As part of the class prep, I did some sampling and really like this combination of beads, which I plan to make into something for me. I feel so liberated now that the jade necklace is off my hands (she really liked it and bought the earrings too).

I messed around some more with the glass globs.
The backs are pretty too!
Jennica has the blue one because she needed cheering up.
And the bead store had Stuff On Sale, so I bought more oval beads to make another one of these (I thought I was done but apparently not).

There were seven people in class this evening; all but one was successful - it's not a straightforward project, and I think it may have challenged her a bit too much.

Trying to concentrate in a very chatty environment, hearing "Go through the next two elevens - see, those two behind the fringe bead" and "No, you needed five beads in each step, not three" and "Add three beads, then pass through the eight, fringe and eight from the other side, add three more and pass through two elevens, the fringe and two elevens" can't be all that conducive to mastering complicated instructions when you're not at any of those steps when you hear them around you.

Unfortunately, my streaming nose and aches and chills may have done her a disservice, as I probably wasn't as patient as I should have been.

I hate being sick.

I hope I get some sleep tonight.

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