Saturday, September 5, 2009


One of the classes I offered at the local bead store over the summer was something I ended up calling the Tudor Bracelet. I dunno, I'd been seeing ads for The Other Boleyn Girl and somehow it seemed to fit.
Summer is difficult for classes, I think because there are kids and family and vacations and the economy and distractions, and my minimum enrolment was not met, so even though I was super-prepared with instructions way ahead of time (and perhaps indeed because I was so fabulously prepared) I ended up cancelling the class. I should offer it again, because it's a fun project, very showy for the amount of work required.

Each rivoli in the bracelet is surrounded by an odd number of beads, which makes joining them in a straight line an exercise in alternatives, because you can't join each to the next by the "opposite" bead, because there is no opposite bead - there's a space opposite any bead.

What this means is that joining something with an odd circumference count lends itself very well to producing something with a gentle curve, which turns out to be perfect for a choker-length necklace, and I have lots of Sketches of Intent and Notes of Intent, but somehow, time passed, and there was always something more urgent.

Eventually I did get around to it, and have even already packed up [partial] kits to take to Bead Fest.

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amyfibre said...

true to form, I like it as a necklace much better than as a bracelet. Yum! Hope you are enjoying your peace and quiet. Well-earned. ;-)