Monday, September 28, 2009

As If It Never Happened

There's this weird thing about coming home.

Everything looks the same, the scattered patterns (that I didn't bring) are still on the floor, as if waiting to be packed. But I didn't, and they weren't, and they never left, so because I'm back, it's as though I never left either, but I did, because I can smell the airline air in my nostrils.

My suitcase was a few kits lighter, as I did manage to sell quite a few. Apparently the dictates of my cultural heritage regarding food (figure out how many people you're expecting, double it, add a hundred, and then maybe you'll have enough) apply equally to bringing kits to shows, since I sold only a fraction of what I brought (though I did anticipate that it might be overkill).

Either that, or I'm ridiculously over-optimistic.

Both possibilities are equally plausible.

My last day of Bead Fest was a gentle winding down with only (ironically) a single student in my class - you know, the one featured on the cover of the class catalogue or program or whatever it is - I opened it once to see if there are any other class project pictures in it (only one) but I didn't read a single line of its contents.
She was a hoot, and completely competent besides, as well as very inspirational in her attitude to life, so I had a grand time.

The day ended with an enjoyable and interesting dinner with a couple of other instructors during which indignation was expressed, plots were hatched, plans were made, but it remains to be see how they all play out.

Today? Travel. Eh.

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