Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day The Second

On Friday on the exhibition floor (that means The Place Where They Sell Shiny Things) I got delayed by rings, but held off, making noises about class enrolments and kit sales. I even believed those noises.

Then I got to thinking about missed opportunities, and specifically about a natural-dyed handspun wool rug that I did not buy in Santa Fe about thirteen years ago, and I decided I needed a ring far more than more comfortable living room chairs.
Sadly the camera in the iPhone doesn't have macro.

It's a marquise cut blue tourmaline (sort of a greenish blue but not teal) set in 18 carat gold and oxidised silver and truly, it was made for this finger on this hand and why fight All That Is Right, after all?

Kit sales during class on Saturday were brisk, besides.

This is what my class made yesterday.
Not this exact bracelet - that's mine! - and they didn't get through the whole thing, but they made a good deal of it, and I'm pretty sure that at least some of them (Cindy) left feeling more confident about their abilities than at 9 in the morning.

It was a really fun day, and a great bunch of people, though seriously? I'm amused when they apologise for asking me to help - that's why I'm there, after all! And they were not (despite apologies to the contrary) needy in any way.

After dinner with Karl and Shannon (mmm, razor clam which I did not have to butcher myself) I needed a little beading time to relax, and so finished this poorly-photographed necklace (see camera excuses above).
Mike at the front desk was right.

The view from my room really is very pretty.

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Lynn said...

That is a stunning ring - good choice! For what it's worth, I've never regretted the (slightly) extravagant purchases I've made for myself, especially if they're something made by hand.