Thursday, September 24, 2009

And I'm Off (But Not in a Bad Way)

Bead Fest calls. Bags are (mostly) packed. I even completed another kit sample.

Which I love, incidentally, though why I bought enough rivolis for only the sample and one kit, I can't quite fathom. Let's just say that I've been on the frazzled side lately.

Packing kits for these things is so hit-and-miss. On the one hand, my cultural inheritance demands that I avoid the slightest possibility of running out of anything, but the combination of logic, past experience and the enrolment numbers from a couple of weeks ago dictates a certain amount of restraint. On the other hand, I have four completely new kits, so I brought extras.

All I hope is that I don't have to pay overweight charges on my checked luggage, and I don't break my back hoisting my carry-on into the overhead bins, and that neither is issue for concern on the way back.

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