Monday, September 7, 2009

Quite Plain Actually

My [great] Auntie Belle Miller (I love the way her name rolls off the tongue - Belle is pronounced "Bella") as I mentioned yesterday made me two sets of luncheon mats for my Bottom Drawer a.k.a. trousseau.

Not that I had one (a trousseau, that is).

Or know anyone (since my mother) who did.

I put them on the scanner in the hopes that the detail would better be captured, and even though they really are very plain compared to the humungous and elaborate tablecloth that she made for my mother, they are nonetheless very fine.

She made a round set which also has a single larger mat, I suppose for the fruit bowl, or the vase or other centrepiece with which one would adorn one's table.
She also made a rectangular set.
With close-up:

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