Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mood Colours

You know mood rings? I always thought that they were bogus, not because of the fact that a change in colour reflected a change in mood, but that a particular colour indicated the same mood for everyone.

Fair enough, red equals angry, blue equals calm - sort of, but my serene comfort colours are so absolutely not cool, icy greens and blues.

I'm not in general a big fan of blue, most especially primary blue - or for that matter any primary and most true secondaries, but that's a [excuse me] secondary issue; the point is that I don't care for blue. The thing is that I know I'm relatively alone in that, and in terms of Things That Sell, particularly to the demographic that appears to be my best customers, the aqua-turquoise section of the colour wheel is very well-loved. So when I'm considering colourways for a kit, I'll choose at least one that's outside my preference, and that often means With Blue, which results in my having a Large Blue Stash, which might be surprising for one with so little affection for blue.

I don't hate it, but it's not my favourite.

Check out the past couple of weeks - this is a representative sample.
It's pretty, and I actively like some of the beads in it, and even though it's not my first choice in terms of what pleases me and what I would choose to wear, I think it's a well-balanced and overall harmonious colour palette.

I think though, that these colours are so cold and sharp that they leave me a little wired (not in a good way), a little nervous and edgy.

Then I started on the Colour Me My Colours colourway.
All was right with the world. I felt peaceful, happy, less stressed. Warm and comfy.

My colours.

From the picture below, you might surmise that in the world of Getting Ready For Bead Fest, much is a shambles.
You'd be wrong.

See the red carry-on on the left? See the box inside it? It contains all the instructions for all the classes, and most of the beads, as well as a few of the new kits I'll have at Meet the Teachers on Thursday.

It's totally doable, though I may throw my back out hoisting a regulation sized carry-on full of glass and paper (it's heavy!)

As long as I have room for my knitting.

I also listed a new kit in my Etsy store, just the one colourway so far (the picture is a clickable link).

I'll make the other one available after I get back from Bead Fest. I'm not sure I can see that far into the future.

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Debbi said...

I agree with your feelings about "blue". blah. The beadwork is gorgeous, as usual.

You can photograph white items on a pale grey background. It can make most other colors "pop" quite well, though yellows and golds look gross. (To me)

Good luck next week!