Sunday, August 2, 2009

Where Did It Go?

I'm not sure where the time went, because it seems I have hardly anything to show for the day.

First there was sleeping in slightly. Perhaps an hour (I said "slightly").

Then there was wondering if I had enough beads/was in the mood for/ought to do another colourway.

That would be a yes.

Another hour or so.

Then there was finishing this colourway, and taking pictures which turned out surprisingly well. There's something about this colour palette that just lends itself to pretty good representation digitally, unlike purple or royal blue which completely baffle me and my camera.
Then there was wondering if these instructions should be all schematics with no photos since I neglected to take a picture a couple of steps back, and if not, what sort of hybrid would work well. It's really hard to make out useful detail on the photos, which does mean more schematics, but I want photos too, because real live pictures make the necklace look so much more appealing than just coloured dots with lines between them.

Perhaps half an hour.
A couple of hours to make two or three inches of progress.

There was a not-so-brief foray into spinning - plying actually - the setup for which required first making a centre-pull ball and weighing it (since I've never weighed my bobbins) so that I could know what a third of the weight was, then winding off three balls weighing the same (but sadly not, as it turns out, containing the same yardage), and then (just for the hell of it, and) so as to preclude the possibility of having to insert my thumb into all three balls simultaneously while plying, winding all three balls into a single centre-pull ball.

The plying itself was not quite as speedy as anticipated (apart from the fact that it never is, even though each time I am convinced that it should be) due to breakage, tanglage, and the collapsing core of a three-stranded centre-pull ball.

That took more than seven minutes. Quite a bit more.

There was taking a walk, working out, eating meals, that sort of thing - another two or so more hours.

Not to mention the massage. That was nice.

And now I'll watch a movie as I knit, which will bring me to bedtime.

I guess I accounted for all the hours (or most of them), and as I consider where they went, I really shouldn't be surprised at my lack of tangible proof of the passage of time, even though I wouldn't use them differently; I just wish there were more beading hours.


kim said...

I was thinking about you last night. We had a new member join our knitting group who grew up in Zimbabwe. The accent was close - not you - but brought you to mind. So I thought I'd drop a comment and let you know I was thinking of you. Fondly, of course. :)

kim said...

I was thinking of you last night. We had a new member join our knitting group who had grown up in Zimbabwe. Her accent was similar - not you, but the similarity in sound made me think of you. So I thought I'd drop you a comment and let you I was thinking of you. Fondly, of course. :)

Charlene said...

Yeah, it's very similar. My mother grew up there, so I have a huge herd of family with that accent.