Saturday, August 29, 2009

Not Nothing

My daughter really liked this,
so I made another one for the class sample (and incidentally - they should thank me - used a store-bought component instead of a piece of sawed-off-by-me copper tubing and brass chain from the hardware store) that will sit in the case until February so that she could have the first set now.
And I made a second class sample for this one too - they'll sit in the display case together.
I like design ideas that are jumping-off points rather than my-way-or-the-highway designs. Sometimes I hit on something which is pretty complete (in my mind at least) and doesn't readily lend itself (or my mind gets caught in an infinite loop perhaps) and once I make it, that's it, nowhere to go, but I get excited about structures that are all about the what-if, and for me, this one is that.

And Bead Fest is fast approaching, so I worked up the final colourway for this class.

The kits I sell are too related in my mind, saturated jewel tones, so I hope the two new colourways for the show (I did an earthy one a couple of weeks ago) have broader appeal.

In twenty minutes I must go for a very brisk walk to prepare myself for a day of eating, um spinning (I'm bringing Chilled Blueberry Soup, which I guess is somewhere between a smoothie, an appetizer, or a between-entree-and-dessert palate-refresher. I thought it the least interesting of my offerings, but I asked for votes, so there it is). I hope the dynamic won't be too altered given the additional participants.

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