Monday, August 31, 2009


When I go to a bead show at which I'm teaching and selling kits (they have a Meet the Teachers reception at Bead Fest Portland, at which you can buy kits from the instructors from classes you can't attend or are not being offered at that event) I like to introduce at least one new kit (I haven't made final decisions yet) as well as new colourways for existing kits.

My Pearl Ruffle kit has been really popular, but all the colours were cool jewel tones - because of the pearls I was able to find in the appropriate size and shape - until I finally managed to find some fabulous soft green pearls, which have managed to miss the last show or two due probably to procrastination, to be honest.

This past weekend I finally managed to complete the sample in that colour, ready to bring to Portland, but I was so impatient that I decided to offer it on Etsy RIGHT NOW.

Is that bad?


amyfibre said...

no, not bad...just enticing. LOVE the color. Can I buy a doubled kit -- ie. one set of instructions, twice the beads? I want to make a necklace -- 16" of pattern, plus a little chain or something in the back.

Charlene said...

Sure, absolutely.

We'll talk.