Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On A Roll

Ignore the rope. It doesn't match; it's just a place-holder.

Timewise, this is probably the ideal length for a class project: it took me under an hour, from the time I opened my drops and daggers drawer and picked these copper daggers, to the time I uploaded the pictures onto my computer, with barely any hesitation start to finish.

I had the concept, my plan was true to life (this really isn't always true as I've had some extremely elaborate and well thought out plans with sketches, bead counts, thread paths and bead colour numbers, and fifteen minutes into execution I realise that I was horribly off-base. Live and learn), and my spur-of-the-moment estimates of numbers of rows and columns proved pleasing. To me.

So this is a necklace slider, good on a string of pearls or chunky beads, or on a ribbon or scarf.

I think most people will complete it in class.

Perhaps, time permitting, I'll make one of my usual monochrome samples, possibly varying the fringe.


Jill Wiseman said...

Adore it! Wish you were gonna be hanging out in Philly, but at least it's only a little over a month until Portland!

Charlene said...

Wish I could be in Philly too, but it's my daughter's birthday on Friday, and even though she'll be <gulp> nineteen, I don't feel right missing it.

amyfibre said...

This is great! For Ladybug? Hope so....

Charlene said...

Yup, for Lady Bug - sometime in the October - January timeframe.

Gypsy said...

I so wish I had a real job right now, and I haven't had that kind of thought in a little over a year, since being laid off and having lots of time to bead. Time, yes, Inspiration, no...but you have kicked my Muse off her lazy butt, and sent me careering down the highway of beads!! You rock, Charlene! Now, I just have to find a job, so I can buy your patterns, and not sit up til midnight trying to recreate them from photos-sigh- and I am so a 6 ay-m sort of gal. Now, call me 'tired but happy'. Working on the herringbone rope for my version of this.
Thank you, for being you, and letting YOU out into the world.
Now, where can I work to make money, but still have time to bead??