Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's Been A Week

No, not since I last posted (Tuesday), just in the "ohboywhattaweek" kind of way.

My daughter turned nineteen yesterday. Scary stuff in a "pinch me" kind of way.

Even though I managed to finagle an extension on my deadline (which reminds me: I have jpegs and descriptions to email before I go to bed), it's been intense. Samples are due by Friday, but waiting until the open house at the bead store means they're scrambling to put my samples in the class display case with a shop full of people, and that's not fair, and I'd prefer to not have to go there during the week, which leaves tomorrow.

I think I've made it.
Actually, I almost wish this bracelet wasn't destined to be in a glass case for the next five months, as I really like the colours. Realistically though, I'd like it even better if it were a necklace, and as none of the beads are in short supply in the stash, this is in theory something perfectly doable, apart from the fact that there are samples and samples and kits and samples and instructions and samples to work on through the last week of September.

At work there's Stuff going on too, about which I have mixed emotions, and which has the effect of demotivating my team as we dissolve into silliness every hour or so.

It's something like being released from a bad marriage in which you stayed because you had a great house and car and ate out all the time and your relatives relied on your being able to help them out, but you weren't really treated all that well, and while you might not actually file for divorce, you kinda wish you weren't in it.

And then you receive notification of your impending freedom, and really, the relatives are back on their feet again, and housing is a buyer's market and you've heard about these cars that are up for grabs, so really, ultimately, it's heady stuff.

Back at home there's a Visit which has the effect of more baggage and history and togetherness than I'd ordinarily choose, cutting into my me-me-me time (which I tend to like), so it's been a week.

I'm anticipating two more pretty much the same.

Please excuse my behaviour in the near future. So far I've held it together, but there could well be a meltdown.


amyfibre said...

Hang in there! I've been sending good vibes your way.

And you can count on me to sign up for more Charlene-classes, based on these samples.

See you Sat.

kim said...

Hang in there sunshine! I have faith you can manage. :)