Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's Perfectly True

Back when my kids were very small and I was then as now employed full-time, and still managed to get knitting, sewing, spinning done and cook meals from scratch and people would ask how I found the time to do so much, and I'd laugh and say "I prioritise: I don't clean!" (which is certainly true but misleading, since I pay someone to perform that odious task for me; it's not how I choose to spend my meagre spare time) but if pressed I'd say something about how the less time you have, the more efficient you are at making use of it and the more you could get done.

Anecdotally, this is true. I remember back when I was still married and my then sister-in-law came to stay for a couple of weeks, and I'd ask her about her day, and she'd tell me in detail, as if these things actually comprised activities worth describing when to me they were as interesting as brushing my teeth and equally worthy of being reported "I listened to a record, then I decided what to have for lunch, then I had a cigarette [outside], then I made lunch and listened to half of another record, then I had a cigarette [outside], then I had lunch, then I listened to the other side of the record and then you came home!"

I'm in the middle of an unusually (for me) busy weekend, replete with social engagements and kid-related errands (it's a tax-free weekend in Missouri and school starts in a week) and chores, and I did work out today, but all the same I'm smokin' on the class samples agenda.

First a reversible cabochon pendant, front
and back.

Then a couple of cute little stars on the end of a necklace. I had planned wait to buy some chain until Tuesday when I teach at the bead store, but there have been times where I've thought the hardware store was full of interesting things that could be used as findings, and it turns out that was true too.

They have brass chain, not terribly interesting but certainly serviceable. The copper connector is a slice of copper pipe from when I tried to make an earring tree of sorts from copper tubing and copper wire. I made it, but it's ugly and bad and unsteady and generally not very useful - but its remnants are much better.

Tomorrow spinners will be here, for whom I will make shrimp risotto (none of the other seafood at the store looked that appealing; I promised them a seafood risotto which implies more than one type of animal, but doesn't technically guarantee it) and then I'll work on the next class sample - I've almost finished picking out the beads, so I'm just about set.

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amyfibre said...

Great class samples! I'm in.

And the shrimp risotto was fabulous, as usual. I didn't miss the other creatures a bit.

Actually, everything about the day was great. Made me glad I came home.