Saturday, August 1, 2009

If I Must

And I must, so I did.

Last colourway for this Bead Fest class.

The earrings for the other colourway.
I started on a new colourway for another Bead Fest class.
I didn't get all that far with the instructions for my class in a little over a week though.

It's eventually going to be a necklace.

The picture above represents not quite three and a half inches. Lots of length and lots more stuff to bead (and describe and photograph).

On the plus side, I did make schematics (rather than photos) for the beginning since it was impossible to photograph in any useful way, and not only because I'm using very shiny beads which generally don't help - all the reflections and flash tend to obscure the structure that the picture is trying to elucidate. Schematics tend to take quite a bit longer than my usual bead-a-step-take-a-picture method.

For some reason I'm flashing on Wallace - of Wallace and Gromit fame - talking about "prevaricating about the bush", and that's exactly what overly shiny and iridescent beads do in photographs. The schematics were necessary, not just preferred.

What I really wanted to be working on was a necklace chain for my little Flangiflora from yesterday, but I didn't. I did sketch it out though. In colour.

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