Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Bad

Upon further reflection it may just be user error, or more accurately: user misconception, not to mention utter disregard for the written word for which I claim to have such reverence.

Here's the thing.

My thread burner? I found it on this web-site among the wax tools, and it was described as a "wax pen" but it looked exactly like a thread burner and was similarly priced, so I assumed it was one of those things repurposed for a niche market, the way some fishing lines have become very popular beading threads; so much so that they are repackaged as beading thread (and marked up commensurately of course).

So I thought it was with the so-called wax pen.

I thought nothing of the fact that there were no images of the single replacement tip, nor of the set of three replacement tips, further defined by a word I managed to neither see nor consider: "special". A set of three special tips for the wax pen. I think the two tips I thought were damaged are in fact special, but not in a short bus kind of way.

I bet people who like to melt wax (it reaches 870 degrees!) do think those tips are indeed special, and would be glad of them in their wax-melting endeavours.

I might be able to make them work, but I'm too embarrassed to consider returning them, especially as they work perfectly well for melting nylon beading thread. I suspect the maimed tips would work well too, and I will not try to straighten them because I know that is no less than asking for trouble, which I am not.

I'm just trying to keep ahead of the breakers.

So every now and again I get all panicky and talk about deadlines. This is not new, though for some odd and sad reason, the way they blindside me never fail to surprise and astonish me with their rudeness.

So it was with the email I received today, reminding me of class proposals for the months of October through December which are due on the sixteenth, which is just ten days away.

And here I was concentrating on the remaining two classes this month and next at the bead store, not to mention the four classes I'm teaching in Portland next month, not to mention kits and samples and new colourways and the overwhelmingness of all that.

New classes.

I completed an experiment which might even be successful. This has to be a record: mere hours from notification to "what'll I do" to "I think I have an idea" to realization of said idea. Could be worse.
It's a pendant which is actually purple, much to the disbelief of my camera. I should try another light setting.

I also finished the sample for my next class, and photographed all relevant steps for which I do not have schematics, and I rather like it, and am considering other colourways even as I grasp at the straws of new ideas for the next set of classes.

I have sketches, and I have things I've made in the past few months, so it might not be as bad as all that.

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Jax said...

Wow I love the pendant, if you made several and linked them it would be an awsome bracelet, let me know when you have the pattern up for sale please. Jax