Sunday, November 4, 2012

Back in the Swing

Yesterday I spun.
 I plied yarn I spun at SOAR, and spun fibre I carded at SOAR and was given as samples at SOAR. Looks paltry, but it's quite a few hours; not insignificant. And as long as it took to spin, it'll take longer to knit, whenever that may be.

Today I noodled with beads.
I built on rather small, rather plain beaded beads I'd made a few weeks ago, and came up with a couple of not entirely satisfactory variations.
 I might need to let them stew for a while.

Everyone is unimpressed, it seems.
 With that kind of disapproval, I settled down with a simple chain from a few weeks ago, and started altering the beads used, and this necklace was the result.
It's still a rather simple weave, but it's quite pleasing in the stitching, and will I think lend itself well to a number of variations.

A satisfying day.

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